Deerwood Cottage Vacation Rental

by the Banks of the Little Manistee River

Detailed Directions to Deerwood Cottage

(*CAUTION do NOT use Yahoo Maps or Mapquest, they are NOT accurate!)


You will be heading NORTH on M-37 after you go through the town of Baldwin, Michigan.

Approximately 16 miles NORTH of the town of Baldwin, on M-37 you will turn left (west) onto 10 Mile Rd. (*note 10 Mile Rd. will then turn into 10 1/2 Mile Rd. after a couple of curves).  While on M-37 before you get to 10 Mile Rd. you will see a Green Sign on the right-hand side that says “IRONS”.


It is approximately 5.6 miles from M-37 to downtown Irons, Michigan.  In Irons you will pass the Oak Grove Tavern, Post Office, Jackies Place Restaurant, etc. all on the right-hand side.  Continue to head west on 10 ½ Mile Rd. through Downtown Irons. 


Approximately 2.5 miles from downtown Irons you will come to GRANGER ROAD. This road ONLY TURNS to the LEFT.  At the CORNER of Granger Road and 10 ½ Mile Road are some signs such as: A-1 Kennels & Harper Lake Resort.

* NOTE * If you miss Granger Road, you will come to a stop sign and K& K Gas Station Grocery.  If you come to this, you will need to turn around and go back to Granger Road.


You will stay on Granger Road and it will wind you around Harper Lake then you will come to a Y in the road. You need to stay to the left, because it “Dead Ends” if you take the other way.  The road will turn into DIRT about this time. As you approach a row of numerous mailboxes on your right-hand side, PETERSON ROAD will be directly across from these mailboxes on your left. 

You will be on Granger Road approximately 1.7 miles (from 10 ½ Mile until you come to Peterson Rd).

NOTE * If you miss Peterson Road you will come to DEWITT BRIDGE. You will need to turn around and then Peterson Road will be on your right.


When you turn onto Peterson Road it will immediately take you up a SHORT STEEP HILL and make a Hairpin Curve to the Right. If you don’t turn to the right, you will go into the driveway of the A-1 Kennel residence.

Peterson Road will wind you around another curve to the left and up another fairly steep hill.  Deerwood Cottage will be on the right-hand side of the road, watch for the Deerwood Cottage Sign, you will see it at the entrance of the driveway.


When you arrive, Yvonne will meet you to give you the keys.